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Love where you sleep

Inside COZYbed Mattress

The mattress is made from a special blend of 3 layered materials.

  1. COVER - Custom designed sewn cover that is removable, breathable and machine washable.
  2. TOP LAYER - The top layer is 100% pure natural latex giving you a cooler night sleep and is naturally resistant to dust mites and which helps it maintain a cheeky bounce. Our pin-hole design in the latex allows maximised air circulation.
  3. MIDDLE LAYER - The second layer is the high-density, viscoelastic memory foam which provides pressure relief and contours to the natural curves of the body. The memory foam layer help reduce partner disturbance.
  4. BOTTOM LAYER - The bottom layer is high density support foam which props up your body so you don’t sink into the bed completely. It also allows for zero partners disturbance and long lasting durability.

COZYbed Benefits

The COZYbed technology offers innovative breathable channels designed for your exquisite comfort. The optimised airflow technology makes keeping your cool easy.

COZYbed contours and cushions your entire body for optimal spinal alignment, so you toss and turn less. Plus, COZYbed absorbs movement so motion does not transfer to other parts of your mattress. Feel your partner’s sleeping gymnastics no more!

The brilliant COZYbed design has the capability to match pressure when it is applied and when the pressure is no longer there, the COZYbed mattress will bounce back to its original shape.

COZYbed prohibits the use of harmful substances in your mattress. We are proud to offer a product with impressive and trusted certification by Oeko-Tex 100. Simply put, COZYbed tackles allergies and sensitivities, while protecting your environment.

How it all began

COZYbed was introduced with a simple mission: produce a mattress that felt good, at every angle. After coming up empty-handed to questions about the true quality and engineering of a ‘mattress in a box’, we realised we were onto something. We wanted to bring our long history and expertise from the Australian bedding industry into a ‘mattress in a box’.

We sweat the small stuff, so our customers didn’t have to.


Our Cozy Commitment

First, we combined over years of experience from the bedding industry. Then we made it affordable.

At COZYbed we have built a mattress based on our strong belief that - we are at our very best, our healthiest and happiest when we have a quality night sleep.

COZYbed prides itself in its combined long term history in the bedding industry all brought in to create one feel fits all, mattress in a box! We take customers to new heights of comfort and health with honestly priced, painlessly selected, and an incredibly comfortable product.

You can pay for a top-of-the-line mattress at a retail store, but it won't match COZYbed. Plus, we cut the nonsense middleman which means we are 100% accountable to you.

Our promise to you

High Quality Product

We've developed the COZYbed with the best and most organic materials to give you the best natural sleep. We use quality products and a unique production method to give you an incredibly, unparalleled quality product.

Great Value

We believe we have the best value for money product in the market. We've done all the online and in-store comparisons so you won't have to, and we're always working hard to find new, innovative ways to help you save money.

Efficiency Delivery and Customer Service

At COZYbed we are committed to our core ideals; high quality, great value, effciency and a truly human committment to our customers. For us it's more than a philosophy, it's what we're made of. For that reason, we have dedicated bedding specialists ready to answer any questions, anytime.

We've made the buying process so simple, no hassles and we pride to deliver on everything we promise.

Inside COZYbed Pillow

Enjoy a better, healthier night's sleep with perfect balance of softness and support.

When it comes to sleep quality, the pillows you choose are just as important as your mattress. We all know that a mattress must be comfortable and it must provide support, to enable you to get the best rest, night after night. But, pillows also play an essential role.

Our pillow is made from the highest quality pressure-relieving memory foam giving you a gentle, soothing sleep. Its uniqueness lies in the ventilated memory foam, providing superior air circulation and an even plusher feel. Ideal for all sleep styles, this pillow will provide great comfort and excellent support.

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